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The medications that protect people who’ve unsafe sex

Friday, January 10th, 2020

The medications that protect people who’ve unsafe sex

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HIV infection rates are from the increase, specially among homosexual males. But could a brand new types of medication therapy – PrEP – get to individuals so that they avoid getting the condition, asks Mobeen Azhar.

For decades health that is sexual have actually focused regarding the message of constantly making use of a condom while the primary tactic up against the spread of HIV as well as other sexually transmitted infections.

But specific dangerous behaviours are from the increase. Unlawful drugs like MDMA and speed have long been used regarding the homosexual club scene. Nevertheless now “chemsex” is really a problem that is growing events in personal domiciles centred on public medication using and intercourse.

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Chemsex had been broadcast on BBC Radio 4is the Report on Thursday 2 July.

The kind of mephedrone, crystal meth and GHB/GBL (or “G” for brief) increases libido and considerably decrease inhibition and also the want to rest.

You can’t really discover how a lot of men are becoming contaminated with HIV while using the chems, but condom-less intercourse is normal for a lot of males in the chem scene. (more…)