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nTrust CEO Says Bitcoins Will Never Be a Mainstream Payment Option

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

nTrust CEO Says Bitcoins Will Never Be a Mainstream Payment Option

*****Bitcoins: money coins or fake money?******

Poor Bitcoin. It’s like Rodney Dangerfield: it can’t get any respect. Not through the individuals whom could just take it to the level that is next. And the very reason some touted it as the easiest way to go currency around online may be the precise explanation it’s going to never ever achieve conventional acceptance. At least, based on founder that is nTrust CEO Robert MacGregor, who’s additionally a technology and alternative payments lawyer. The online vault systems founder (nTrust just isn’t for sale in the U.S.) has some strong opinions on Bitcoins and why they remain lukewarm in reception overall to the web exchange universe that is monetary.

Still Struggling for Mainstream Recognition

MacGregor recently coined an op-ed piece on Bitcoins, and shared his thoughts on why they will probably never be accepted by the main-stream banking worldwide entities as a currency that is real. MacGregor says the issue is not whether Bitcoins have enjoyed some acceptance, but if they will ever receive acceptance that is enough matter, and their answer is: not much. And he’s not the only one who thinks so, either.

The nTrust CEO ascertains that, by the concept of cash as something which you can use to shop for things, Bitcoins have actually failed miserably. And to measure that, MacGregor states, whatever you want to do is examine the relatively tiny amount of mercha (more…)

Chinese Lottery Gets You A brand new Automobile Perhaps

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Chinese Lottery Gets You A brand <a href=""></a> new Automobile Perhaps

In a bid to cut back air pollution and smog surrounding the heavily polluted city that is chinese of (try stating that three times fast), a new kind of lottery is being introduced. But winning this lottery doesn’t produce economic independence as well as an extravagant lifestyle; alternatively it entitles you to purchase a new vehicle.

She actually is Got a Ticket to Ride

Licenses to acquire a car in the town and allowing you to drive will be issued using a lottery, due to the fact regional officials have actually had to take outlandish measures to reduce the smog and carbon footprint for the city.

Shijiazhuang, the capital of the steel-producing Hebei province which surrounds Beijing, has become the latest locality from the biggest auto market on the planet to introduce this type of measure. Other Chinese urban centers which have imposed a limitation on vehicle purchases include Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Guiyang.

The amount of new vehicles in Shijiazhuang is limited to 100,000 for the year, and households within the city will be limited to owning ‘just’ two cars each, according to the government website that is local.

The authorities go on to state that the wide range of brand new vehicles allowed will be further paid down to 90,000 in 2015, and those able to buy cars will be determined employing a lottery structure.

Efforts to Lower Emissions

This move comes included in China’s vow to enhance their efforts (more…)

It’s All Greek When It Comes to Grecian Online Gambling Now

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

It’s All Greek When It Comes to Grecian Online Gambling Now

Many gaming that is online are taking issue with Greece’s new obscure, complex and unfriendly Internet gambling laws for operators

The online gambling landscape in Greece is in a state of flux and that might be placing it much too lightly. As Greece attempts to transition into a system where players can enjoy gambling that is online at a website that is partially owned by the Greek government, they’ve also taken steps to block other sites from operating here. And even though not every major gambling site has fallen target to this tactic, some are making preemptively rather that worry about just what the future holds there.

Confusing Gambling Laws

Greek online gaming laws are notoriously difficult to parse, and seem to be made to ensure a monopoly for the Greek Organization of Football Prognostics S.A. (referred to as OPAP in Greece). The federal government owns 34% of the firm, and OPAP holds a complete monopoly on land-based casino gambling within the country. OPAP has also a monopoly that is virtual online gambling until 2020 under Greek law, which states that only OPAP can provide many online gambling games.

Strangely sufficient, other businesses can make an application for and receive licenses for online gambling if they would like to do so. Nevertheless, those licenses only allow them to offer ‘casino-type games of possibility, the results of that are not provided by a random number generator as in poke (more…)

Historic Cal Neva in Lake Tahoe Getting Multimillion Dollar Facelift

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Historic Cal Neva in Lake Tahoe Getting Multimillion Dollar Facelift

The 1936 interior of Lake Tahoe’s Cal Neva Resort and Casino. The home is all about to endure a multimillion dollar renovation.

The oldest continually certified casino into the U.S. The Cal Neva in Lake Tahoe is getting some synthetic surgery, like most good star that is old. The major makeover begins this week, and will close the historic property down for over per year since it undergoes a multimillion-dollar facelift.

Reviving Historic Property

Best-known for being when owned by recognized singer Frank Sinatra, the home’s 6,000-square-foot casino and 10-story, 219-room hotel gets the renovations in an effort to bring it back to its former excitement and boost business, according to Robert Radovan, co-owner of Criswell-Radovan. Radovan’s Napa Valley, Calif.-based development company purchased the Cal Neva the 2009 spring, with the vision to getting it right back on its foot.

‘Our goal is to bring it right back to its glory that is former and make it exactly what it was like in Sinatra’s time,’ Radovan told the Associated Press. ‘It has such great soul and character, and it is needed this redo for many decades.’

What was once the shining star of the Hollywood jet set has fallen into disrepair, blamed on both the recession that’s affected countless casinos, as well as the obvious plethora of more opulent and accessible gaming houses, in Reno, Las Vegas and via Indian casinos in California. In realit (more…)

Galaxy Gaming CEO Reassures Shareholders After Regulatory Denial

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Galaxy Gaming CEO Reassures Shareholders After Regulatory Denial

A casino that is nevada-based games developer, manufacturer and distributor is trying to reassure worried shareholders following the company’s California ‘suitability to do company’ rights were revoked by that state’s Gambling Control Commission recently.

Defending Letter

Galaxy Gaming CEO Robert Saucier has sent out a four-page missive to investors, claiming that all the presssing issues decried by the California regulators in their decisions stemmed from a ‘predecessor entity that ceased business operation in 2009 and dissolved. The proceedings didn’t involve Galaxy, directly’ Saucier went on, incorporating that ‘it is business as usual [at Galaxy ] as we continue to give our products and solutions with no interruption.’

With Galaxy doing a whole lot of its business in the Golden State especially with many tribes that are indian have gambling enterprises Saucier desired to ensure customers and investors that Galaxy’s ‘gaming permit with California tribes is unchanged and in good standing. Likewise, our status in all other jurisdictions we serve is additionally unchanged and remains in good standing. In reality, we continue to seek and get licenses that are new approvals in extra jurisdictions,’ the letter went on to say.

Conflicting Stories

And also this is where things get, um, a little confusing. All evidence points to the contrary because while Saucier emphatically states in his letter that the Californi (more…)