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I’m Behind back at my Mobile Phone Residence

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

I’m Behind back at my Mobile Phone Residence

For the intended purpose of this conversation our company is strictly referring to homes which can be considered a mobile house or manufactured home (nevertheless moveable) and are usually classified as individual home (the mortgage is just in the mobile house). We’re perhaps perhaps not talking about a home that is mobile happens to be changed into real property (attached to land permanently) because of the loan containing land as collateral along side the home. As it would be subject to foreclosure (like any other home mortgage) not the process we will discuss here if you have a mobile home or manufactured home that is permanently attached to the land and/or is wrapped up with the land in the loan, it would be treated like any other home mortgage that would need to be defended against foreclosure in bankruptcy.

If you get behind or default on loan repayments for the mobile house, the creditor can repossess the mobile house. There’s two techniques this could be done.

Replevin Action. The creditor runs on the judicial process called replevin. The creditor files case in court and asks the court to give a purchase for repossession.

Self-help repossession. The creditor takes possession without going right through a process that is judicial giving a repo agent out to use the mobile home away. (more…)