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Dating Statistics 2019 – The Ultimate selection of Dating Studies

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Dating Statistics 2019 – The Ultimate selection of Dating Studies

10 Sexiest Work for Guys

  • 6% of females are interested in males that have professions within the medical/dental/veterinary industries.
  • 6% are interested in males when you look at the field that is legal.
  • 4% are drawn to males who will be self-employed.
  • 4% are drawn to dudes in politics or even the armed forces.
  • 5% are drawn to instructors and professors.
  • 5% are interested in males employed in technical/computers/engineering field.
  • 5% are drawn to guys in monetary solutions.
  • 5% are interested in guys into the executive/management.
  • 4% are drawn to dudes in marketing news.
  • 4% are drawn to guys into the product sales and advertising industry. (Match, 2015)

3 Male Physical Stature Ladies Discover Most Appealing

  • Away from 10 ladies surveyed, 40percent of females were drawn to guys who possess a well toned framework. (Constant Mail, 2016)
  • About 51% of females find pudgy guys attractive (GQ, 2015)
  • About 58% of females choose guys who possess slender figures. (Personality and Individual distinctions, 2016)

3 Guys Whom Have Actually Animals

  • Females had been three times prone to offer their cell phone numbers to males walking their dogs compared to those who will be alone. (Men’s wellness, 2015)
  • Females had been doubly expected to judge some guy according to the way they treat their dogs. (more…)