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Florida Lt. Governor Resigns Amid Allegations of $300 Million Internet Cafe Scam

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Florida Lt. Governor Resigns Amid Allegations of $300 Million Internet Cafe Scam

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll is just one of more than 50 individuals that have been questioned in A internet that is massive cafe investigation amid allegations that the public relations firm of which she is co-owner did PR for Allied Veterans, which reportedly fronted for the scam. Although maybe not herself charged with any wrongdoing in the scandal that is unfolding Carroll stepped down from her post immediately, stating that although her PR firm was also perhaps not alleged to have been involved, she didn’t want her ties to Allied to become a distraction to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s administration.

Lawyer was Mastermind

Still a developing story, it seems that 49-year-old Jacksonville attorney Kelly Mathis was the mastermind behind an enormous gambling ring that used Allied Veterans being a front to skim $300 million from Internet cafes in 23 Florida counties, too as six states.

Allied Veterans worldwide, a nonprofit organization produced to help veterans plus in operation since 1979, is the target of the investigation. The group operated 49 Internet cafes in Florida between 2007 and 2012, and the ones cafes earned some $300 million in revenues. The majority of that money must have gone to assist veterans in V.A. hospitals and clinics with their rehabilitation, but in reality, only $6 million regarding the total take, a mere 2 percent, wound up being reported as charita (more…)

Hooray for Hollywood! Old Style Glamour for New San Diego Penn National Casino

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Hooray for Hollywood! Old Style Glamour for New San Diego Penn National Casino

Back in the time, Hollywood’s biggest movie stars would get away to Vegas for a week-end, and thus came to be the interweaving that is original of business with gambling business. Now Penn National Gaming, an industry that is pennsylvania-based (they own the upscale M Resort on Las Vegas’ South Strip along with 21 other casinos across the U.S and Canada), will be bringing some of the ol’ show biz magic back with a brand new $360-million project slated for the Jamul Indian Village, a development about 20 miles east of San Diego’s downtown area. The project is expected to split ground later on this year.

Working with Jamul Tribe

The casino (try though we did, we’re able to perhaps not find a designated name with this ode to old Hollywood) will be a joint effort aided by the Jamul tribe, who are naturally quite delighted for well-known reason that casinos are Native American cash cows anymore.

‘Location, location, location,’ said Robert Mesa, executive councilman for the Jamul Indian Village. ‘ We apparently have the location that is best whenever we might get something built.’

Not Everyone is Happy

‘It’s likely to destroy the view and environment here; we do not need that here,’ said Gilbert Morales, a resident.

‘It’s huge and that is what we’re concerned about,’ said Marcia Spurgeon.

Morales and Spurgeon are part of the combined group Jamulians Against the Casino.

‘We actually took a survey with al (more…)